Flat rate on computer repairs.

Pickup and Delivery service included.

Repairs done in 2-3 days!

Hard Drive Delete:


This is more than a "format". We use software based on military standards to totally "wipe clean" the Hard Disk Drive. This is useful if you have decided to give away your PC to a family member, friend, or want to donate your old computer to a charity, local group or school, it's important to make sure your computer's hard drive is completely free of data.


Ensure that you don't donate more than you planned. The last thing you want is to pass on a PC with sensitive business information or even personal information such as stored passwords, personal documents, and credit card numbers.



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  • Computer Training
  • Remote Help Desk
  • Password Recovery for Windows
  • Design Business Cards / Logos
  • Computer and Hardware Consultation
  • Special Modification Ordering
  • Full System Updates (Operating System, Drivers, Hardware, Software)
  • Disk and Registry Clean
  • Computer Detailing, Interior and Exterior
  • Printer Install
  • Home Theater Setup and Consultation
  • VIP Express Service: Your unit goes to the front of the line.