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Please note that some of the tips require editing the Windows registry with the program Regedit. Be aware that editing the registry can be hazardous to the health of your Windows installation, so please take the proper precautions by backing up the registry first.


To back up the Windows registry, go to "Start" then "run" and type "Regedit". Ensure that "my computer" is highlighted, then go to "file/export". In the pop-up window, you need to enter a location to save the exported registry (as a single file) and choose the type of file to create. Also note that you can check the "all" button at the bottom of the screen to backup the entire registry, or selected branches. Select the .reg file type and click "save."


Restoring the registry from this .reg file is a simple matter of locating the file you created, right clicking it and selecting "merge."


Visit to test your internet speed, it's free!

Note: the download speed is in kbps. To determine your actual transfer rate, divide by 8.


For example:


Download Speed: 9764 kbps / 8 = 1220.5 KB/sec transfer rate

Upload Speed: 966 kbps / 8 = 120.8 KB/sec transfer rate


With the speed of the internet today, there is no longer a need to go to a physical store to purchase software. Direct download is becoming one of the most popular forms of software delivery from vendors to clients. It's fast, secure, cheaper and more relaxing too.


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